Crooked Water Spirits

Founder Heather Manley
Founder Heather Manley (Photo by Caitlin Abrams, Mpls St. Paul Magazine)

Heather Manley's journey into the distilling industry began with a memorable experience with a dill-infused aquavit. This gorgeous small-batch craft spirit was made using 50 lbs. of dill per batch, infusing it with a fresh, bright taste that forced her to stop and think. This experience helped Heather understand the difference between micro and macro distilling. It was like the difference of having a strawberry or tomato right out of the garden versus buying from the store. From that moment on, she started thinking about creating a line of spirits she could bring to the market that didn't already exist.

Heather created Crooked Water Spirits in 2013. Their first bottle, Kings Point Bourbon, was made in collaboration with award-winning Yahara Bay Distillery in Madison, Wisconsin. This whiskey is a 2-year-old bourbon that has been finished for six months in port barrels from a 100-plus-year-old winery in the Doruo Valley of Portugal. Her first batch sold out within days!

Since then, Crooked Water Spirits has also partnered with Panther Distillery in Osakis, Minnesota, and has expanded into gin, vodka and ready-to-pour cocktails.

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