Mousse Sparkling Wine Co.

Josie Boyle - Winemaker at Mousse Winery
Josie Boyle, Owner and Winemaker of Mousse Sparkling Wine Co.

Mousse Sparkling Wine Co. is a Minnesota winery specializing in sparkling wines and hard ciders in Jordan, Minnesota. Award-winning winemaker Josie Boyle is receiving well-deserved accolades for exceptionally handcrafted artisanal small-batch wines. Following years as a winemaker in New Zealand, Iowa and Michigan at L. Mawby Vineyards, Josie, a native Minnesotan, brought what she learned across the world back home.
Working initially at the Chankaska Creek Winery in Kasota, Josie realized that our climate and the grape varieties developed at the University of Minnesota could produce premier sparkling wines. Now running her own winery with her husband and business partner, Micah Lennox, she uses traditional sparkling winemaking techniques to tame the naturally high acidity of our locally grown grapes to produce some of Minnesota's tastiest wines.

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