Meet Our Wine Shop Director

Portrait of Brian Mallie, Kowalski's Wine Shop Director

Brian Mallie, Kowalski's knowledgeable wine specialist, moved to Minnesota to attend grad school and worked in several well-known restaurants in town. During this time, he became interested in wine through trainings provided for the staff and ended up leaving school to follow his passion. Having worked for some of the Twin Cities' largest and most innovative wine retail companies, Brian comes to Kowalski's with an extensive knowledge of both local and national wine suppliers and their inventories.

"It is not unusual to have sampled close to a thousand wines in a month as I search for quality wines to bring to my customers," said Brian. "This gives me the expertise to select wines in a wide price range to satisfy the taste and budget of every wine shopper. This is my dream job, and I can't imagine doing anything else."

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