Baker's Field Flour & Bread

The Baker's Field Team

Working day to day with flour, Steve Horton, longtime baker and founder of Rustica Bakery, realized the important role fresh flour has in good bread. After discovering it's scarce availability even in the Mill City of Minneapolis, Horton partnered with Kieran Folliard to create Baker's Field Flour & Bread.

With the abundance and variety of grains in the Midwest and innovative farmers who shared the common interests of creating quality grains and flours, it made sense for Horton and Folliard to begin stone-milling in their hometown.

The farmers share a pivotal role in the creation of great artisanal bread. A handful of farmers in the Upper Midwest supply Baker's Field with grains using sustainable and organic methods. Their ultimate goal is not only to provide quality grains, but resilient grains that are also regenerative for the soil in an ever-changing climate.

Baker's Field believes this desired interest amongst key individuals is helping to pave the way to the great bread revival across America.

Find Baker's Field Flour & Bread at your nearest Kowalski's location. Selection and availability vary by market.