Seasonal Sipper: Sparkling Arnie Palmer Punch

Sparkling Arnie Palmer Punch

What do you get when you combine three of summer's finest beverages in one amazing punch?

A cocktail in need of a party!

Our updated recipe for Sparkling Arnie Palmer Punch contains fresh lemonade, iced tea and sparkling porch-friendly Lambrusco. Not your mother's (or grandmother's) Lambrusco of old, today's Lambruscos are drier, fizzier and more nuanced than their cloyingly sweet wine-cooleresque forebears.

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Wine Pick:

We especially love effervescent rosé Piazza Grande Lambrusco from Cantina di Carpi. The tingle is a wonderful palate cleanser, and the soft red berry notes are smooth yet tangy and invigorating. Its light, fresh, earthy flavors are perfect for a late-summer grilled pizza party. White Via Emilia Lambrusco, also from Cantina di Carpi, is lightly floral with notes of tart apple and sweet peach. Either work wonderfully in this recipe.

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