Butcher Block

Naturally Raised is Kowalski’s standard for excellence in meat. It means no hormones or antibiotics are ever administered to our animals, humane treatment policies are in place, and animals are sourced from small family farms. We choose naturally raised meats because we feel it is better for the animal, the environment, the producer and our customers, providing a cleaner, safer product that is superior in overall quality.
Now some of our most popular products are available to be shipped anywhere in the 48 contiguous United States. They make the perfect gift for any meat lover, Father’s Day, house-warming parties, anniversaries or any other holiday or special occasion. Send steaks to your cabin on the St. Croix, your friend’s Florida beach house or anywhere top-quality meat is in demand.

Kowalski’s Naturally Raised Certified Humane Prime Beef:

Prime beef is the highest USDA grade available. Our Prime Beef is all natural (meaning no added hormones or antibiotics – ever) certified Black Angus raised in the mid-west. Only about 0.5% of all beef in the United States can claim All Natural Prime, and we are one of the few retailers in the nation to carry USDA Prime Natural Beef.  Prime beef is known for its intense intramuscular marbling, rich buttery flavor, and is found only in the top white table cloth steakhouses and upscale grocers in the country.

Kowalski’s Naturally Raised Certified Humane Choice Beef:

Kowalski’s Choice Beef is all natural and a great choice for everyday meals as well as holidays and special occasions. Considered leaner than Prime, our Choice beef can be a healthier option while still offering outstanding flavor and tenderness along with a moderate amount of intramuscular marbling.

Akaushi Kobe-Style Beef:

Akaushi, or Japanese Red, are one of four indigenous Japanese cattle breeds. Kowalski’s Kobe-style beef comes from the largest purebred group of Akaushi outside Japan. Akaushi beef is regarded as the finest available breed for domestic Kobe-style beef. Intense intramuscular marbling results in an extremely tender, rich, buttery flavor experience and a healthier option with lower saturated fat than conventional beef along with elevated levels of oleic acid.