Signature Product Focus: Just Arrived - February 2023

The Kowalski's Signature Products program isn't just about putting our name on products – it's about identifying products we love. When you select an item bearing the Kowalski's name, you can be sure that we worked – sometimes for years – to ensure that the recipe was just right, the quality was unmatched and that we wanted to buy this product for ourselves just as much as we wanted to sell it to you! In that regard, the Kowalski's label is more than a statement. It's an assurance – better yet, a promise – of excellence, distinction and good taste. Because at Kowalski's, it's all about the joy of good food.

Kowalski's Spaghetti and 4-Cheese Fresh Pasta Sauces

Fresh Pasta Sauces

Two new flavors! Made locally in small batches from authentic recipes, our line of fresh pasta sauces is one of our most popular meal-makers. Our new 4-Cheese Pasta Sauce is a classic red sauce blended with a touch of creamy, sweet mascarpone, tangy pecorino, salty Parmesan and nutty Asiago cheeses. Our Classic Spaghetti Pasta Sauce is a slowly cooked red sauce that's delicious on pasta, of course, but it's also great served as a dip or spread on pizza. Find them both in the Dairy Department near our fresh pastas.

Kowalski's Snack Nuts Line

Snack Nuts

They're back! Our line of snack nuts are the ones to reach for when you're craving something crunchy to munch or just a simple snack with a protein punch. They are hand-roasted using old-fashioned techniques dating back to 1949, when peanut-roasting pioneers first developed the process of water-blanched Virginia peanuts. Our nuts are completely coated with seasoning, so they are full of bold flavor. With blends of sweet, spicy, savory, and everything in between, the only thing harder than picking a favorite is resisting another handful! Find them in the Snack Aisle.

    Citrus Sunshine Cake plated on a cake stand with sliced of fresh lemon



    Citrus Sunshine Cake

    Our new Citrus Sunshine Cake is bursting with fresh citrus flavors. We start with a dense orange cake made with orange zest and a hint of lemon. The cake is soaked with a citrus syrup, then topped with a light citrus glaze. Pair it with fresh berries, orange curd or mascarpone cheese. It makes for a fun breakfast option, too! It's part of our Kitchen Counter Cake collection. Find it in the Bakery Department.

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