Signature Product Focus: Just Arrived - January 2023

The Kowalski's Signature Products program isn't just about putting our name on products – it's about identifying products we love. When you select an item bearing the Kowalski's name, you can be sure that we worked – sometimes for years – to ensure that the recipe was just right, the quality was unmatched and that we wanted to buy this product for ourselves just as much as we wanted to sell it to you! In that regard, the Kowalski's label is more than a statement. It's an assurance – better yet, a promise – of excellence, distinction and good taste. Because at Kowalski's, it's all about the joy of good food.

Kowalski's Fresh Honey Mustard, Honey French, Thousand Island and Creamy Poppy Seed Salad Dressings

Fresh Salad Dressings

Locally made in small batches from our own exclusive Signature recipes, our refrigerated salad dressings are a fresh and delicious way to top salads and so much more. You'll love our four newest flavors:

  • Honey Mustard – With the perfect balance of sweet and tangy, this exclusive recipe is made with two types of mustard and makes the perfect choice for dressing, dipping and dunking your salads, sandwiches and, of course, chicken tenders.
  • Honey French – This smooth and tangy dressing is an excellent choice for fans of classic French.
  • Thousand Island – Our exclusive recipe is extra creamy and rich with a classic taste that is great for salads and sandwiches alike.
  • Creamy Poppy Seed – This traditional recipe is a great sweet and tangy option for both green and pasta salads.

Find them in the Produce Department.

Kowalski's Chocolate Dipped Cookies
Kowalski's Dark, Milk & White Chocolate Drizzled Twigs with Caramel

Chocolate-Dipped Treats

Kowalski's is excited to add Twigs and Chocolate-Dipped Cookies to our very popular lineup of chocolate-covered treats! Our pretzel rod pieces (or "twigs") are first drizzled with rich, buttery caramel and finished with dark, milk and even white chocolate. Our Milk or Dark Chocolate-Dipped Cookies are classic chocolate sandwich cookies completely enrobed in smooth artisanal chocolate. Like the Chocolate-Covered Potato Chips, Pretzels and Grahams in this line, our Twigs and Chocolate-Dipped Cookies are locally made, by hand, in small batches for maximum quality and enjoyment.

Find them in the Bakery Department.

Kowalski's Gourmet Chocolates

Gourmet Chocolate Confections

Celebrate the joy of good chocolate! Our newest gourmet chocolatier selections are handcrafted locally in small batches. With just the right amount of sweetness, these two-bite treats have an ultra-creamy mouthfeel that's perfect when you need to treat yourself right!

Look for our four newest chocolate-covered treats:

  • Mint Patties – Dark chocolate filled with a cool, refreshing peppermint center. A classic!
  • Caramel Patties – Soft, creamy caramel medallions drenched in a coat of milk chocolate.
  • Meltaways – A smooth chocolate mint filling is covered in a green mint or milk chocolate shell for a dreamy, melt-in-your-mouth confection.
  • Classic Buttercreams – A creamy, luscious buttercream filling enrobed in dark chocolate. The perfect indulgence!

Find them in the Gourmet Candy Section of the Grocery Department.

Kowalski's Bourbon Maple Syrup
Kowalski's Blueberry Maple Syrup

Bourbon and
Blueberry Maple Syrups

They're back!

Our Signature Maple Syrups are locally produced by a third-generation family owned and operated business that has been producing quality maple syrup for over 90 years. They source the maple sap from local maple trees and, after boiling it long into the night, transform it into pure, sweet maple syrup. Unlike imitations made with corn syrup, caramel color and other additives, our syrups are made with real, 100% maple, and they are continually graded for flavor, color and density to ensure the highest quality standard.

We're excited to reintroduce these two infused maple syrups to our lineup:

  • Bourbon Maple Syrup – It all starts on the first day of spring when the maple sap is harvested and turned into perfect, dark, pure maple syrup. It's then poured directly into a bourbon barrel, where it spends several months absorbing that desired bourbon flavor. Once we're sure the marriage between the distinct aroma of bourbon and the sweet taste of maple is complete, the syrup is heated, filtered and bottled in small batches
  • Blueberry Maple Syrup – This all natural maple syrup is expertly mixed with fresh wild blueberry juice for an irresistible, fruity kick. It contains no additives or preservatives – just pure, simple ingredients.

Find these syrups alongside our Signature 100% Maple Syrup and Organic Maple Syrup in the Breakfast Aisle of the Grocery Department. They are the perfect match for our Signature Pancake & Waffle Mixes!

Kowalski's Organic Eggs

Organic Eggs

New look, same great product!

Kowalski's Certified USDA Organic Eggs come to us from Larry Schultz Organic Farm in Owatonna, Minnesota. Schultz chickens are free to eat and exercise anywhere within an airy, sunlit barn or to roam comfortably outdoors in grassy fence-free fields that are carefully monitored and protected from predators. This stress-free environment allows hens to develop into healthy, happy birds that make delicious, nutritious eggs high in omega-3 fatty acids (from the addition of flax meal to their organic feed).

The small organic family farm is a way of life for Larry. The fourth-generation Schultz farm has never been farmed conventionally with herbicides, insecticides or artificial fertilizers. Not willing to compromise the small farm and its many benefits, Larry helps model and teach his farming practices to other small organic farmers. As demand for organic eggs continues to increase and his farm has grown, Larry's neighbors and friends have begun to raise organic crops to feed the birds.

Look for our Large and Extra-Large Grade A egg dozens in the Dairy Department.

Selection and availability of products vary by market.