Signature Product Focus: Just Arrived - November 2022

The Kowalski's Signature Products program isn't just about putting our name on products – it's about identifying products we love. When you select an item bearing the Kowalski's name, you can be sure that we worked – sometimes for years – to ensure that the recipe was just right, the quality was unmatched and that we wanted to buy this product for ourselves just as much as we wanted to sell it to you! In that regard, the Kowalski's label is more than a statement. It's an assurance – better yet, a promise – of excellence, distinction and good taste. Because at Kowalski's, it's all about the joy of good food.

Kowalski's Thin Cracker Crisps and Flatbreads


Flatbreads and
Thin Cracker Crisps

Our new bakery crackers are locally made in small batches with no artificial flavors or preservatives. They are the perfect match for soups, cheese, hummus, dips or spreads. Look for crispy, crunchy Olive Oil/Sea Salt and Italian Herb Thin Cracker Crisps alongside wholesome, hearty Sesame Wheat and Everything Flatbreads.

Find them in the Bakery Department.

Kowalski's Mulling Spices next to glasses of hot apple cider garnished with fresh apple slices and cinnamon


Mulling Spices

Kowalski's Mulling Spices can be used to spice up hot apple cider, make mulled wine or even flavor coffees and cocktails. Just steep in your beverage of choice for about 20 min. on the stovetop to infuse it with the aromatic flavors of the holiday season: cinnamon, orange, allspice and cloves. Savor by a warm fireplace with your friends and family all season long!

Find it seasonally in the Spice Aisle.

Kowalski's Toffee Pretzels



Milk Chocolate Toffee Pretzels

Our new bite-sized Chocolate-Covered Toffee Pretzels are the perfect combination of sweet and salty. They are covered in smooth milk chocolate with bits of buttery toffee pieces that add a little sweetness and a nice crunch.

Find them in the Bakery Department.

Kowalski's Taco Seasoned Ground Chicken

Taco Seasoned
Ground Chicken

We're excited to introduce our new Taco-Seasoned Ground Chicken! This vegetarian-fed, Amish-raised chicken is humanely raised on Gerber's Amish Farm with no growth stimulants or antibiotics – ever! We season it with our versatile Kowalski's Taco Seasoning to add a kick of Southwest flavor. Our Taco-Seasoned Ground Chicken is perfect in tacos, of course, but it's also great in stuffed peppers, loaded nachos, skillet dishes and ground chicken chili!

Find it in the Meat Department.

Peppadew Spread


Peppadew Spread

Our dreamy Peppadew Spread features crisp sweet peppers with sharp, salty blue cheese and a hint of garlic. Serve it chilled with pita crackers or warm it and enjoy with a slice of artisan French bread.

Find it in the Deli Grab & Go Case.

Selection and availability vary by market.