Fruits and VeggiesFrom the field to your refrigerator, no produce gets there faster than the farm-fresh fruits and vegetables you will find at Kowalski's. We partner with great local distributers, such as Russ Davis and J&J, to get exactly what we want with "just in time" deliveries (2 times per day, plus once on Sunday); as a result, we often get newer lots and newer items as soon as they become available.

We instruct our vendor partners to always seek quality over price. We buy better grades of produce, such as Washington Extra-Fancy Apples whenever just U.S. Extra-Fancy or Fancy grades will do. And we carry exclusive products that you can’t get anywhere else, such as Premium LOVE Oranges, known for their extra-sweet taste and premium quality. We buy larger sizes (e.g. 9.5 row cherries vs. 12 row cherries; 9 ct. cantaloupe vs. 12 ct. cantaloupe).

At Kowalski's we believe fresh produce is the centerpiece of healthy eating. That's why you'll always find the highest quality selection in our market. We encourage good health through an offering of natural and organic items in the Produce Departments. We work with local growers as much as possible to gather the freshest produce available right here in Minnesota. We offer over 300 items, including a wide range of specialty fruits and vegetables, organically grown varieties and all the usual favorites.

Our friendly, knowledgeable produce staff is proud to let our customers taste the Kowalski's difference. We offer samples of new items as they first become available. The greatest items are highlighted by a "Manager's recommendation" sign. Our Produce Staff also makes fruit baskets upon request.


  • J&J DISTRIBUTING: J&J supplies us with juices squeezed fresh daily, including a seasonal juice that changes as fruits come in to season.
  • KINGSBURG ORCHARDS: During the stone fruit season – when peaches, nectarines, apricots, plums and pluots come in from California – Kingsburg supplies us with their top product line called Cornerstone, to which we have exclusive access. Cornerstone features the sweetest, juiciest stone fruit of them all, and it is only available at Kowalski's. Kingsburg is also on the cutting edge in the development of new varieties, such as the Black Apricot.
  • UNTIEDT FARMS: We are partnered with one of the leading Minnesota Grown vegetable suppliers in the state. Untiedt Farms of Waverly, Minnesota, is a large supplier of corn for the Minnesota State Fair. They also supply us with Homegrown Tomatoes, which are the best tomatoes of the summer and come fresh from the garden to our markets within 24 hours. In the late summer months, they provide superb cantaloupe and watermelon. In the fall, their pumpkins and winter squash are the best in town. Click here for more information and to sign up for their seasonal CSA program.
  • PEPIN HEIGHTS: Pepin Heights of Lake City, Minnesota, supplies our markets with the best Minnesota Grown apples. They are the leading supplier of the Honeycrisp Apple, the newly declared State Fruit of Minnesota. They also provide us with the brand new SweeTango Apple, and we have first access to all their new varieties.
  • BUSHEL BOY: We are partnered with Bushel Boy, a Minnesota Grown tomato grower in Owatonna. Bushel Boy grows sweet, ripe-on-the-vine tomatoes twelve months a year to meet the local preference for sweeter, juicier, special-to-Minnesota tomatoes. They are now featuring their new Bubba variety.
  • ROB’S GOURMET GREENS: Rob’s Gourmet Greens out of Hollandale, Minnesota, grows fresh hydroponic basil and butter lettuce, picked fresh and delivered to the shelf in less than 24 hours.
  • A HANDFUL OF WASHINGTON STATE GROWERS: Kowalski’s takes pride in sourcing only the biggest, premium-grade Bing and Rainier Cherries to ensure the best summertime eating experience anywhere. As soon as Washington State cherries become available, we work with our growers who keep us supplied in the largest and most desirable varieties of cherries and they are exclusive to Kowalski’s.
  • SKY VALLEY: Kowalski’s carries the Sky Valley Heirloom Navel Oranges in the peak of citrus season. This variety is where all navel oranges originated, and there is not a juicier, more classic navel orange taste anywhere – period.
  • OCEAN MIST: We carry Ocean Mist vegetables, a family-owned company headquartered in Castroville, California. Since 1924, they have passed on a commitment to high quality from generation to generation, and their signature Long-Stem Artichoke is one of the finest vegetables grown in the U.S.
  • VARIOUS POTATO GROWERS: The potatoes sold under the Kowalski's name are a cut above the rest. They are sourced from around the country throughout the year to ensure they are always at the peak of the season. This allows us to sell the moistest, most flavorful potatoes year-round. We only bag up evenly sized potatoes, and only to order. Fresh cuts are packed in containers selected for how they retain freshness.

Local Partners

Bushel Boy  Fireside Orchards  Harmoney Valley Farm  J&J Distributing  Rob's Gourmet Greens Sno Pac Untiedt's Vegstable Farm

We also feature our own Signature Products line. These are items we have tested ourselves, and we are proud to put our name on them.