Deli & Sushi

Deli & Sushi

Our deli is truly the heart of our market and every foodie's dream. It's here that you'll discover a nearly endless selection of fresh, healthy and scrumptious foods all prepared daily by our resident chef, including an ever-expanding selection of hot items. We’re constantly on the lookout for new and unique items to keep up to date with new trends. You'll find everything from your favorite comfort foods, to gourmet entrées and side dishes, to a spread of deli salads that you have to see to believe. We strive to offer customers a superior shopping experience and our friendly deli staff is always on hand to help.

Kalbi Salmon with Rotisserie Chicken Plated Kalbi Salmon with Rotisserie Chicken Plated
Deli Sandwich Assortment Deli Sandwich Assortment

Deli Department Features

Prepare yourself for a restaurant-quality experience at home with Kowalski's selection of hot foods, sandwiches, sushi, prepared Grab & Go meals, fresh salads, sliced-to-order meats and cheeses, and our self-serve Olive Bar.

Hot Case

We have designated chefs in each deli that prepare our specialty meats and entrées daily, like our Signature Kalbi Salmon and rotisserie meats. 


We offer a variety of options available fresh daily, including paninis, artisan breads, wraps, croissants, pretzel rolls and gluten-free lettuce wraps. 


We partner with AFC, a superior sushi company that only uses the highest sushi grade of fish and seafood available. 

asian napa salad asian napa salad
potato salad potato salad
caesar tortellini salad caesar tortellini salad
seaside pasta salad seaside pasta salad
Krispy Kale and Craisin Salad Krispy Kale and Craisin Salad
mandarin broccoli salad mandarin broccoli salad
italian pasta salad italian pasta salad
antipasto salad antipasto salad

Prepared Meals & Sides

High-quality options are available at the Deli Service Counter and in our Grab & Go Case for convenient heat & eat meal solutions. 

Salad Bar

A fresh selection is available daily and is constantly staying on trend with new offerings. Our Signature Salad Dressings are chef prepared with a variety of options. 

Salad Case

Our salads are rotated seasonally to offer more varieties. We make them fresh daily at our Central Production Kitchen, using local ingredients whenever possible.

Deli Meats & Cheeses

Our deli staff is trained to slice meats and cheeses to order. We were the first grocery store in the Midwest to proudly feature Boar’s Head brand premium meats and cheeses in our markets. Their products have no fillers, no byproducts, no artificial colors or flavors and no trans fat. We also carry their premium Simplicity line which is held to a variety of standards: no antibiotics ever, no nitrates or nitrites, no added hormones, no preservatives and are humanely raised.

Rotisserie Seasoned Chicken Noodle Soup Rotisserie Seasoned Chicken Noodle Soup
Roasted Tomato Bisque Roasted Tomato Bisque
Clam Chowder Soup Clam Chowder Soup

Local Partners

We partner with local companies and entrepreneurs to help grow their businesses. The Deli Department proudly features Phoenician Hummus, Baba’s Hummus & Toom Dips, Venus Soups, Plucky Pickle Dip and Becki's Olive Salsa. 

Deli Delivery

We have partnered with DoorDash to deliver some of our hot meals, custom hibachi and pasta bowls, sandwiches, salads, wraps, sushi, take & bake pizzas and more. Order through the DoorDash app.


Head over to the Soup Bar for a selection of hot soups made locally with only all natural, premium-quality ingredients. Our exclusive recipes for Chicken Noodle and Chicken Wild Rice Soups are bestsellers year-round and beloved by customers with a taste for the classics. They're available every day in every store, so you can have your favorite flavors anytime you want them. In addition to these daily choices, we offer a rotating menu of delicious soups like Split Pea with Ham, Roasted Tomato Bisque, White Chicken Chili, Italian Wedding Soup with Meatballs, Lasagna and Beer Cheese. We also proudly partner with Venus Soups to offer locally made vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free

Deli appetizer party trays Deli appetizer party trays

Party Trays

We offer a wide variety of party trays made to order in our Deli Department that are perfect for everything from small business luncheons to large celebrations. We are constantly analyzing food trends and updating our Joy of Entertaining party brochure to meet our customers’ needs. Customers can order party trays online or in our Deli Departments. 

Olive Bar

Our Olive Bars are stocked with hand-picked, authentic Mediterranean olive and antipasti from FOODMatch. Under brands such as Divina and Barnier, our olive and antipasti selections are harvested from small family farms using traditional, eco-friendly methods, meaning our olives always possess superior quality and freshness.

Our Central Kitchen

Our Central Kitchen provides our delis with the freshest, highest quality products that we specifically prepare each day. With the support of our Culinary and Deli Directors, we are constantly developing recipes that keep us on the cutting edge of new trends.

Food Safety

We make all our products at our state-of-the-art, USDA-regulated kitchen. All of our products are tested for shelf life and our kitchen is voluntarily checked each month by a food-testing facility that ensures we have the best practices in place for food safety. We follow a HACCP plan and only supply the Kowalski’s stores with our products.

Quality Ingredients

We are constantly working with vendors to ensure that we use “clean” ingredients, whenever possible, with no artificial ingredients or preservatives. All mayo used in our salads is EDTA free. We strive to use local vendors to supply our ingredients - typically using 80% local produce in the summer.

Kitchen Staff

All of our staff at our Central Kitchen are Food Service Manager licensed.