Kowalski's Premium Beef

Kowalski's Premium Beef

Creekstone Farms of Arkansas City, Kansas, is our primary beef producer for all Choice and Prime antibiotic-free Black Angus beef. As a small player in a large industry, they have differentiated themselves with their natural beef program, which is Certified Humane by Humane Farm Animal Care. Third-party auditors inspected Creekstone's farms, feedlots and production plant to ensure that the highest animal welfare standards were met. Since approval, Creekstone has begun selling their Certified Humane All Natural Beef to their customers, including Kowalski's.

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In 2018, we began the journey to get all our Meat Departments Certified Humane as well! The process required us to submit applications for each store as an individual entity, provide sales data and create new operating procedures to keep Creekstone products segregated in storage, pre-production and post-production. We also needed to develop a traceability system to track each beef package in our service case back to the Creekstone plant. This required cooperation from our distributor US Foods, who needed to purchase software and implement new procedures to provide lot numbers to the stores for each batch of beef delivered. Once those systems were in place, we had our final audit and now have an all natural, Certified Humane program for both USDA Choice and USDA Prime beef – the very first multilocation chain in the U.S. to do so!

Good Question: What's the difference between Prime and Choice beef?

USDA Prime beef is the highest USDA grade available, but we go one step further by ensuring that our Prime beef is naturally raised. Only about 0.5% of all beef in the U.S. can claim Naturally Raised Prime, and we are the only retailer in the Twin Cities that carries it.

USDA Choice beef is a great choice for everyday meals and special occasions alike. It is considered leaner than Prime and can be a healthier option while still offering outstanding flavor and tenderness. Like our Prime beef, Kowalski’s Choice Beef is also naturally raised.

Certified Akaushi Beef

Akaushi, or Japanese Red, is one of four indigenous Japanese cattle breeds that have been subjected to genetic improvement over the last 90 years. Kowalski’s Certified Akaushi Kobe-Style Beef comes from the largest purebred group of Akaushi outside Japan. Akaushi beef is regarded as the finest available breed of Kobe-style beef. Significant marbling results in an extremely tender, rich flavor experience and a healthier option with lower saturated fat than conventional beef.

Kowalski's Signature 100% Grass-Fed Organic Beef

Our organic grass-fed beef is raised on Spring Lake Ranch, located in the Sandhills region of north-central Nebraska. The Sandhills cover over 20,000 square miles of perfect cattle-raising habitat. There, the cattle enjoy a healthy all-grass diet and are raised according to strict sustainability and animal welfare standards. Procurement experts employed by Raise American handpick the cattle, and ranchers use regenerative farming practices to ensure that the land is naturally fertilized and replenished for future herds of livestock. The cattle are also USDA Certified Organic by Oregon Tilth.

Grass-fed beef is naturally lower in fat and cholesterol while providing a higher level of omega-3 fatty acids.

40-Day Aged USDA Prime Beef

We are excited to introduce our new 40-Day Aged Beef program! This program features USDA Prime beef with 100% Black Angus genetics, which produces superior quality steaks with intense intramuscular marbling. To allow this beef to reach its full potential for flavor and tenderness, it is "wet-aged" for 40 days. Like all of our USDA Prime beef, these are Certified Humane by Humane Farm Animal Care and are raised with no added growth hormones or antibiotics – ever!

Find 40-Day Aged New York StripRib-Eye and Top Sirloin in the Meat Department.