Local CSA Meat Bundles

Local CSA Meat Bundles

Kowalski's is excited to offer a local meat CSA program in partnership with Peterson Craftsman Meats from Osceola, Wisconsin! Every two months, we will be offering a curated box of locally sourced meat from the Peterson family farm. You can purchase your CSA box bimonthly or sign up for a yearly subscription (six boxes total).

csa bundle csa bundle

What is a CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) consists of a group of people who pledge at the beginning of the season to support a farming operation. In return, they receive bundles of seasonally appropriate products throughout the year. Buying into a CSA allows members to have a connection with a local farm and understand where and how their food is produced. It also builds a relationship between the grower and consumer where both parties share in the farming risks and rewards.

peterson family peterson family

What is Peterson Craftsman Meats?

Peterson Craftsman Meats is a family-owned farm that has been tilling the soils of the fertile St. Croix Valley for five generations. The Peterson family raises and markets heritage-bred livestock with a focus on quality, animal care and environmental stewardship. They believe in raising livestock as nature intended, taking what the land gives without taking it for granted. Using regenerative agricultural practices, Peterson Craftsman Meats aims to build the soils of the St. Croix Valley with organic matter and recycle nutrients through crop rotation and rotational grazing.

Click here to learn more about Peterson Craftsman Meats and their regenerative farming practicies.