Vegetable Basket

Kowalski's is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality produce in the market. We do this by choosing local and organic fruits and vegetables whenever possible while demanding freshness and exclusive products from our vendor partners. We also ensure that our stakeholders have the knowledge base to serve our customers and exceed their expectations.

Quality and Freshness

Kowalski's seeks quality over all else, which means we buy only the highest grades possible. For example, while other grocers settle for Fancy grade apples, Kowalski's demands Extra Fancy grade from the best growing areas in the world, like Washington State and New Zealand. We also carry exclusive high-quality products that you can't get anywhere else such as Cornerstone Fruit, export-grade stone fruit only available at Kowalski's.

Quality also means being fresh, and if a fruit or vegetable does not meet them, we choose not to carry it and explain to our customers that we would rather be out than sell them an inferior product. Our vendor partners deliver to us every day, ensuring that from field to refrigerator no produce gets there faster than the farm-fresh fruits and vegetables you will find at Kowalski's. We have the highest quality standards which all our produce must meet in order to be fit for your table.

Locally Grown

At Kowalski's we proudly partner with many local producers whenever possible. Instead of buying from across the world, we work with both large local growers like Untiedt's Vegetable Farm and small local farmers in our stores' neighborhoods to ensure maximum freshness. We visit these farms and build a relationship with them based on trust. This allows us to choose the cleanest and highest quality produce grown right here in the area.

Organic Fruits and Vegetables

Kowalski's believes that fresh produce is the centerpiece of healthy eating, and we choose organic over conventional whenever our quality standards are met. We have an extensive organic section with the highest variety counts in the Twin Cities. To bring you the freshest selection, we always start with our local farmers, but our worldwide network of organic partners ensure that the fresh organic produce you love is always in season! Organic experts from Russ Davis Distributing are in the stores several times a week to provide one-of-a-kind customer service and quality control.

Customer Service

Our friendly produce staff is highly trained with the experience and knowledge to give you the best service in the Twin Cities. We are proud to let you taste the difference and offer samples of new and seasonal items as soon as they become available. The most delicious items are highlighted by a "Manager's Pick" sign. Our creative staff also makes an assortment of unique and custom fruit baskets upon request.

Signature Product Focus

Available in resealable plastic containers, we offer a unique line of fresh pre-washed salads to accompany any meal. Just add dressing and enjoy! Selection varies throughout the year.

Made fresh to order, locally, from our own signature recipes.

Save prep time with our Ready-to-Roast Kits! Each kit contains an assortment of fresh vegetables sliced, diced, seasoned and ready to roast. They are all oven-ready and only take about 20-30 min. to cook. Selection varies throughout the year and by market.

Squeezed fresh daily using high-quality fruits.

Made fresh daily with natural ingredients, fresh ripened avocados and the perfect amount of spices and garlic. Look for both our original Clasico and Caliente guacamole varieties as well as seasonal varieties throughout the year. It’s great served up with our Signature Tortilla Chips.

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