Specialty Cheeses

Specialty Cheeses

Treat your taste buds to a trip around the world with our local and international collection of cheeses and accompaniments. Our knowledgeable Cheese Specialists will be your personal "tour guide" to the many cheeses we offer, providing samples, offering pairing suggestions and helping prepare beautiful cheese trays for entertaining. We love supporting locally owned and operated farms and bringing their fresh products to our markets.

Signature Cheeses Signature Cheeses

Our Selection

Our cheese selection is second to none! Whether you are looking for that hard-to-find artisanal cheese from Europe or in the mood to explore some of Minnesota's own award-winning cheeses, we've got you covered. Signs in our Specialty Cheese Department offer valuable information about a cheese's origin, production, milk type, flavor profile, and the wine or beer ideally suited to its maximum enjoyment.


We strive not only to offer our customers a wide selection of cheeses but also to make sure the product we offer is exciting! We believe that a visit to our Specialty Cheese case should be fun. Come by and see what new and exciting things your local cheesemonger has to offer. 

Our Knowledgeable Staff

Kowalski's Cheese Specialists are true cheesemongers! Simply put, they eat, breathe and are genuinely passionate about all things cheese. They all work together to share suggestions and educate one another in order to provide customers with the best advice and information available.