Specialty Grocery

Specialty Grocery

The Grocery Department at Kowalski's offers a great selection of items, from the everyday to the specialty and hard-to-find. We strive to bring you a mix of gourmet, organic and natural foods as well as the latest trends, local favorites and award-winners.

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Each of our stores tries to incorporate items that the surrounding community is requesting, in effect tailoring what we carry according to the needs of our shoppers.

We select items for our Private Label line for the quality instead of low price. We successfully partner with a wide variety of local food producers to offer items like our all natural, locally made Kowalski’s Maple Syrup.

Kowalski's strives to carry the latest in natural and specialty foods and to stay on top of the latest trends. Throughout our aisles you will find many all natural, organic, preservative-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, and trans fat-free products. Many items you use in your home – from organic baby food to natural pet food and cleaning supplies – have a healthier, more natural and earth-friendly counterpart within these sections.

Our wide selection of gluten-free products includes cookies, crackers, breads, pastas and cereals, all highlighted with our "Gluten Free" tags and signage so that they can be identified easily on the shelf. We realize this is a category that continues to grow rapidly, so this section will continue to expand.

Kowalski’s is proud to offer one of the most extensive offerings of chocolate candy bars in the Twin Cities. Our lineup of local, organic, fair trade and artisan-crafted chocolate bars include many varieties with unique flavors and accents, like ginger, currants, chiles, bacon and much more. 

We are proud to partner with small, local startup companies who are passionate about their products. From spark of an idea to our shelves, we help them along with everything from packaging and selling to merchandising. 

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