Sustainable Seafood

Woodbury Seafood Manager Darryl holding up a fresh fillet of salmon at the Seafood counter

Even though we're 1,000 miles away from the nearest ocean, we are only hours away from fresh seafood. Kowalski’s seafood is the freshest in the Twin Cities, guaranteed! We receive daily shipments of seafood from around the world. Our main focus is to provide a wide variety of fresh seafood that is harvested from sustainable fisheries. We work very closely with the fishermen themselves to ensure that we receive the freshest, highest quality fish possible. Most, if not all, of our seafood is directly flown to our processor, resulting in fish that is 5-7 days fresher than what may be found elsewhere.

Kowalski's Seafood Department offers between 10-20 varieties of fresh fish daily and up to 40 choices in all. We can special order product and typically have it in under 24 hours for fish in season.

Fish Lover's Favorite: Salmon

Rich, succulent salmon is by far the Kowalski's fish lover's most beloved fish. The most popular offerings are seasonally available wild Alaskan salmon from the Copper River and craft-raised salmon from Skuna Bay, available year round. Both are the best quality salmon in their category and make delicious mealtime choices.

A Skuna Bay fisherman stands on a dock holding a large fishing net over his shoulder

Craft-Raised Skuna Bay Salmon

Skuna Bay Salmon are raised off of Vancouver Island in British Columbia. Using farm-to-table, nonindustrial techniques with unparalleled concern for the environment and fish populations, Skuna Bay fishermen have a complete focus on quality every step of the way. Their stewardship and care have earned them a Best Aquaculture Practices Certification by Global Aquaculture and an endorsement by the Aquarium of the Pacific's Seafood for the Future program.

Skuna salmon are raised in a natural ocean environment – not in a tank – in the glacier-fed waters of the Pacific Ocean, with fast-flowing tides, cold, clear water and perfect salinity. Craftsman farmers live on the farm 24/7 and work daily to ensure that these natural waters stay as pristine as when the farm was established. Once fish are harvested from a Skuna site, our fishermen allow that ocean location to rest and regenerate before being restocking. In fact, 33% of Skuna Bay's farm sites are always in fallow, meaning farmers intentionally sacrifice potential farm use to protect the ocean environment. Importantly, unlike much farm-raised fish, Skuna salmon live in a low-pen-density environment and do eat a diet of fish, just as they would in the wild, as much as can be managed without putting undue pressure on other fish populations – and those fish are sourced only from 100% certified fisheries.

Available fresh year round and harvested to order, this product is at least seven days fresher than other options in the industry. This salmon is sold exclusively at Kowalski's and is the freshest, healthiest farm-raised product available in the Twin Cities.

Find fresh Skuna Bay Salmon in the Seafood Department or in the Deli Hot Case.

Kowalski's Ultra Shrimp

Ultra Shrimp are sourced from farms in Thailand. Our shrimp are raised with no hormones or antibiotics, ever! Ponds are strategically placed within three hours from the processor ensuring the freshest product available. Shrimp are cooked in the shell, which is what gives them their brilliant color and sweet, robust flavor.

Farm Raised vs. Wild Caught

Wild-Caught Seafood

Wild caught refers to fish caught in their natural environment. Wild fish is more seasonal and, for some consumers, prompts concerns about sustainability. All of Kowalski's wild-caught seafood comes from sustainable fisheries that aim to conserve fishing environments in a multitude of ways – in particular, by avoiding overfishing. Many people prefer wild fish for its typically stronger flavor profile.

Farm-Raised Seafood

Farm raised is a term applied to seafood that has been raised in either a controlled freshwater/saltwater  environment or a natural saltwater setting. By its nature, farm-raised seafood is sustainable and allows us to bring fresh, moist seafood to our customers year round. Farm-raised seafood is also generally milder and may be preferred for that reason alone. Kowalski's is committed to working with providers who ensure both the protection of the local environment in which fish farms are located as well as the production of safe, healthful products.