Join Us for Our 40th Anniversary Event!

Join us Saturday, September 30, for the party to beat all parties! We’ll be celebrating our 40th anniversary in every market from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Special surprises are in store at every location with, of course, plenty of tasty treats. We hope to see you there!

WHO is the Red Owl?

You may have noticed an old logo popping up in our stores: the Red Owl. Why? Well, when Kowalski's opened in 1983, our original banner at Grand Avenue was Kowalski's Red Owl. Our second location, in White Bear Lake, was a Kowalski's Red Owl Country Store. Many early customers even referred to these stores simply as Red Owl. Though we dropped "Red Owl" from both our name and logo in the early '90s, we love that iconic birdie and brought it back, just for a bit, so we could appropriately celebrate our beginnings! We hope you'll have fun spotting our former mascot on bags, shirts and more as we celebrate 40 years of Kowalski's!