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Kowalski's At Home Magazine - January-February 2024

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January might not have the energy and festivity of the months before, but it’s a great time in this line of business – a time to not only reflect on the whirlwind that was the holidays, but a time to look forward. There’s always something new and “next” around here, from something as simple as a new cornbread mix to something as sensational as a brand-new store! (coming this spring to Edina!). We’re raring to go in 2024!

It’s a great time of year to shine a light on one of the hallmarks of the Kowalski’s experience: our Specialty Cheese Department. Our cheese program is nationally renowned, and we are proud of the expertise and passion of the Cheesemongers on our team. In this issue, we are particularly proud to feature two stakeholders in the Specialty Cheese Department that recently achieved a major accreditation in their field. Turn to page 4 to learn more about their accomplishments.

We’re also bringing a little sunshine to the season with our focus on citrus – and not just any citrus! We love a good navel orange as much as anyone, but it’s a great time to try one of the many other unique citrus options that are so very delicious this time of year. On pages 6-7, we’re helping you decide which citrus fruits to add to your basket.

If you’re committed to better nutrition this year, take note of the extra-long feature from Nutritionist Sue Moores, M.S., R.D., on pages 8-9. Understanding what is in the food you buy and what some producers mean by certain terms on their labels is easier when you have Sue to explain it to you!

Better bread is our commitment to you in 2024. It’s been a long time coming, but our exclusive in-house artisan bread program is finally in stores, and we couldn’t be more excited to share it with you. Turn to pages 10-11 to find out all about it.

Food matters! Truth matters!

Many thanks,
Mary Anne Kowalski and Kris Kowalski Christiansen

Recipe Booklet - January-February 2024

Seasonal Recipe Booklet

Family recipes have been a part of the Kowalski's customer experience and a key point of difference for our brand since the very beginning. Recipes for some of our all-time best-selling and most beloved foods originated in the kitchens of the Kowalskis or those of our families and employees. From Grandma Betty's Famous Chip Dip to Mary Anne's Family Favorite Buttercream Icing, we've been sharing our best with you from day one. As these “Family Favorite” recipes became popular in every department throughout our markets, customers began to ask for them, stopping in, calling or emailing, often to get a second or third copy of a favorite Kowalski's recipe card that they'd held on to for years and misplaced. Like a good neighbor, we've always been happy to share our best recipes.

Pick up a complimentary recipe booklet at the information kiosk in your local Kowalski's or browse through the digital version online.

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