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Kowalski's At Home Magazine - August-October 2021

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We've been spending a lot of time the last few months thinking about why food matters. To us, food is a joy. It sustains our health and impacts our economy, but beyond that, food has a special function in connecting us to our world. It bonds us together – at the table, in our communities and around the globe. That's perhaps never more evident than at this special time of year, when we are flush with the bounty that is Minnesota Grown. These special products come to us from people we've met – in their homes, on their farms and in our stores. Their food matters to them, to us and ultimately, we hope, to you.

Accordingly, we're devoting this entire issue of At Home to celebrating all things Minnesota and Minnesota Grown. That means local partners, unique local products and a local recipe roundup. It also means a deep dive into one of our state's most beloved products, wild rice, and a nod to the great get-together that is one of the country's best State Fairs.

Speaking of celebrating, we're celebrating the return of the party! As many of us strive to make up some of the precious socializing we lost last year, we're looking at what's trending in catering and sharing a story of a dinner party done right. (Take a peek at the amazing menu on page 5!)

One of the best things about Minnesota is our beautiful landscape, not just dotted with but covered in lakes and rivers as far as the eye can see. On page 6 we're sharing a bit about our partnership with Great River Greening and their efforts to stabilize, restore and conserve all that's magnificent about living here. Every time you reuse a bag in our stores, you have the option to help support their good work, too.

Finally, Culinary & Branding Director Rachael Perron is helping us get to know yet another of the best among us, our wonderful Bakery & Private Label Director, Russ Tourville. He's kind of a big deal around here, and on the next page, you'll see why we think he's simply the best.

As always, we love sharing the Joy of Good Food!

Many thanks,
Mary Anne Kowalski and Kris Kowalski Christiansen