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Kowalski's At Home Magazine - November-December 2021

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Our Signature Products program is one we are particularly proud of. Unlike some stores that slap their name on anything they can, we only put our name on products we actually want to buy. We hold these items to a higher standard than the other products in their categories, and we aren’t surprised that they’re almost always the top sellers. We are proud to feature our Indian Simmer Sauce line on the facing page. These all-natural sauces are an easy dinner option with surprisingly accessible flavors that make for a perfectly comforting meal on a cold winter’s day.

In this issue, we are also looking at the story of two of our local Gift Department partners, both founded by local couples with a passion for their products and a true commitment to excellence in their field. That these types of businesspeople make Kowalski’s Gift Department incredibly unique is a huge understatement. Our gift program is driven in large part by our love of the products we carry. If you see us in the stores or around town, we’re likely toting a handbag, wearing a sweater or lathering on hand cream we picked up on our way to the donut case! Turn to page 4 to meet these very extraordinary couples.

We like to believe that the secret ingredient in our stores is people, and on page 6, we introduce you to three such special stakeholders. These impressive women recently took a very tough exam to attain the country’s premier professional designation for cheese experts, and we couldn’t be more proud to have them in our Specialty Cheese Department.

Everywhere else in this year’s first issue of At Home, Culinary & Branding Director Rachael Perron is bringing global creativity to your New Year’s kitchen. Taking inspiration from some of our favorite Asian cuisines, she’s offering a Minnesota-friendly way to incorporate the best of these flavors in everything from spaghetti to chicken noodle soup. As Sue Moores, M.S., R.D., shares in her column on page 10, boosting flavor could be the answer to spicing up more “ordinary” foods, which may not be as satisfying and can lead to overeating.

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Best for Beginners Recipe Booklet - January-February 2022

Recipes for Success

Family recipes have been a part of the Kowalski's customer experience and a key point of difference for our brand since the very beginning. Recipes for some of our all-time best-selling and most beloved foods originated in the kitchens of the Kowalskis or those of our families and employees. From Grandma Betty's Famous Chip Dip to Mary Anne's Family Favorite Buttercream Icing, we've been sharing our best with you from day one. As these “Family Favorite” recipes became popular in every department throughout our markets, customers began to ask for them, stopping in, calling or emailing, often to get a second or third copy of a favorite Kowalski's recipe card that they'd held on to for years and misplaced. Like a good neighbor, we've always been happy to share our best recipes.

Recently, we updated our popular recipe card program, launching a seasonal recipe booklet that contains our best recipes of the moment in a single place. In addition to sorting the recipes by category, we've also included a section at the back of the booklet for your own personal notes. Pick up a complimentary recipe booklet at the information kiosk in your local Kowalski's or browse through the digital version online.

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As always, you can search our entire recipe collection at kowalskis.com/recipes at any time of day or night from your desktop or mobile device. With over 2,000 recipes to choose from, our website is a great place to find the perfect recipe for any meal or occasion.