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Kowalski's At Home Magazine - September-October 2023

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It seems like only yesterday we were celebrating our 30th anniversary. The day before, it seems, we were opening our first store.

Grand Avenue. 1983. Wow. Time really flies.

We're feeling reflective, naturally, and in this issue of At Home, we're sharing a little bit of our history. Whether you've shopped with us for 40 years or are new to our brand, we hope you'll get a kick out of our walk down memory lane. We've both been reminiscing about this special milestone, recalling those early days. Read more about how this adventure all began on the following couple of pages. Our friends – Nutritionist Sue Moores, M.S, R.D., and Culinary & Branding Director Rachael Perron – are reflecting on how they came to be part of the Kowalski's story in this issue, too. We are also excited to share a little more about the Oase family and their incredible impact on our business over the years. They are truly our other half! You can learn more about this branch of our family tree on page 5.

Not only have we been here for 40 years, but we have employees who have been here just as long! That is amazing! On pages 6 and 7, we introduce you to a few of our long-haul stakeholders! They and all the wonderful employees who have joined us over the years play an integral part in this operation. It takes a lot of hard work and very dedicated staff to make it in this business. We've met many, many challenges together, but whatever we've faced, our stakeholders have risen to the task. The strength of our people – their insight, creativity, drive and determination – has always inspired us to carry on.

Finally, we are looking back on a great history of awards, particularly our award-winning food. From rotisserie chicken and olive oil to frozen pizza and, most recently, our winning GrillFest burger, we've been sharing superior-quality foods with you for generations. Our recipe has always been simple: delicious foods with the very best ingredients, made the same way we make them at home for our family and friends. They're original, exclusive and tasty – in a word, they're Signature. Turn to page 16 for a glimpse into the world of Kowalski's brand products – our Signature line – with our Private Label Director, Russ Tourville.

Food matters! Truth matters!

Many thanks,
Mary Anne Kowalski and Kris Kowalski Christiansen

Cooking with Kowalski's Recipe Booklet - Dinner with the Fam

Seasonal Recipe Booklet

Family recipes have been a part of the Kowalski's customer experience and a key point of difference for our brand since the very beginning. Recipes for some of our all-time best-selling and most beloved foods originated in the kitchens of the Kowalskis or those of our families and employees. From Grandma Betty's Famous Chip Dip to Mary Anne's Family Favorite Buttercream Icing, we've been sharing our best with you from day one. As these “Family Favorite” recipes became popular in every department throughout our markets, customers began to ask for them, stopping in, calling or emailing, often to get a second or third copy of a favorite Kowalski's recipe card that they'd held on to for years and misplaced. Like a good neighbor, we've always been happy to share our best recipes.

Pick up a complimentary recipe booklet at the information kiosk in your local Kowalski's or browse through the digital version online.

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