Eden Prairie Market

Café Seating Hibachi Pasta Bar Serviced Pastry Case Wing Bar

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About Our Eden Prairie Market

Kowalski's Eden Prairie Market is located at the corner of Main Street and Eden Prairie Road. As one of the midsize Kowalski's Markets, it features most hallmarks of a typical Kowalski's, including fresh sushi, made-to-order hibachi and pasta bars, hot wings and a burrito bar, plus indoor and outdoor seating. First opened in 2004, the Eden Prairie Market was remodeled as recently as 2019, when a full-service pastry case was added.

Named for its distinguishing prairie landscape, Eden Prairie is one of the Twin Cities' most beautiful (and greenest) suburbs. Just 12 miles southwest of Minneapolis, with rolling hills and bluffs overlooking the Minnesota River, Eden Prairie is home to nearly 10,000 acres of parks and open spaces, including Staring Lake Park and Bryant Lake Regional Park, plus numerous hiking and biking trails. In all, this community provides a perfect balance of small-town feel and big-city amenities (including some wonderful restaurants) amongst some of our area's most lovely residential neighborhoods.

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