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About Our Shoreview Market

Shoreview has become a special place for Kowalski's since opening there in the fall of 2016. Located at the intersection of Hodgson Road and Highway 96, Shoreview is one of our largest stores – but we're not talking about the size of the sales floor.

Most of the space in our Shoreview location is dedicated to centralized production. Hiding just behind the Meat and Deli Departments are a commercial bakery, kitchen and smokehouse dedicated to preparing fresh foods every single day for all of our 11 Twin Cities Markets. From cookie dough and cakes to quiche, lasagna and BBQ pulled pork, many of our most beloved recipes are made by this behind-the-scenes team and delivered fresh to each store by Kowalski's Markets Transportation, who also makes Shoreview their headquarters. Also nestled in a corner of the building, far from customers' sight, is a storage facility for many of our Signature products, which are also distributed to stores by the transportation team.

Catering by Kowalski's makes their home in Shoreview, too. They have their own dedicated commercial kitchen and offices for their chefs and event planners, plus warehouse space for their rentals and equipment.

All this helps us to bring you the freshest quality products, handmade by our team, while reducing production time and resources.