Betty & Earl's Biscuit Kitchen

An assortment of Betty & Earl's Biscuits on a drying rack
Betty and Earl
Betty and Earl
Jason Matheson in a suit and apron holding a plate of Betty & Earl's Biscuits
Jason Matheson

Betty and Earl grew up in the South learning that true Southern hospitality starts in the kitchen. As is the case with most family recipes, this biscuit recipe has been passed down from generation to generation.

Now Jason Matheson, host of FOX 9's The Jason Show, is bringing his papaw's biscuits to you! In 2019, Betty & Earl's Biscuit Kitchen launched inside POTLUCK Food Hall at Rosedale Center, bringing a bit of Southern charm and hospitality to Minnesota with handmade, fresh-baked, Southern-style biscuits to be enjoyed with family and friends. A second location opened at LUSH Lounge & Theater, bringing that same Southern hospitality to Northeast Minneapolis. Now you can also find them in Kowalski's Bakery Department! Look for a variety of flavors in the Donut Case and pre-packaged to grab and go.

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