Anderson's Pure Maple Syrup

Anderson's Pure Maple Syrup

Anderson's Pure Maple Syrup is a third-generation, family owned and operated business in Cumberland, Wisconsin, that's been producing quality maple syrup for over 90 years. What began as a family hobby, soon turned into a thriving business that is still run by the son and grandson of founder Paul Anderson.

All of the products made at Anderson's are continually graded for flavor, color and density to ensure that their products maintain the highest quality. Right before bottling, their syrup is brought back to a boil. This process serves two purposes: it helps maintain consistent quality and brings back the freshness that is sometimes lost when syrup is stored in bulk for long periods of time.

The company produces a breadth of products starting with Grade A and Grade B Pure Maple Syrup. Grade A is what most people use on pancakes. Grade B has a stronger flavor, making it ideal for cooking or flavoring. They also make wonderful Apple Syrup, a tasty combination of select apple cider and sugar.

We're proud to support the rich tradition of this family-owned business, whose consistent, high-quality products meet our higher standards.

Find Anderson's Pure Maple Syrup in the Grocery Department of your nearest Kowalski's location.

Anderson's Pure Maple Syrup Anderson's Pure Maple Syrup