B.T. McElrath

B.T. McElrath

When we went searching for premium chocolates that would dazzle your palate with unique textures and distinct flavors, we were pleasantly surprised when our sweet tooth led us to B.T. McElrath, a Minneapolis-based chocolatier specializing in truffles and European-style chocolate confections.

We've always been a strong supporter of local companies, so it was a match made in chocolaty heaven when we discovered a company that produced such decadent chocolates so close to home.

At Kowalski's, it's always been important to us to bring you products that not only taste great but are made with quality ingredients. All B.T. McElrath chocolates are made with fresh cream and butter from local dairies and never contain artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. Bring some home today and enjoy pure chocolate bliss with every delicate bite.

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B.T. McElrath B.T. McElrath