CGD (Crazy Good Dressing)

CGD (Crazy Good Dressing)

outside of Minneapolis, her catering business, Putting on the Ritts, was born. Her first retail product was CGD, which stands for "Crazy Good Dressing," but its versatility makes it crazy good on more than just salads!

This seasoned oil is sodium and sugar free and made with super "clean" ingredients. It has a high heat point, so it can be used to sauté, grill or broil.

Try it:

  • as a marinade (on fish, shellfish, chicken, meats or veggies)
  • on salads as a dressing
  • on pasta and potatoes
  • as the oil to pop popcorn
  • to fry eggs
  • on beans and rice
  • added to ground beef or turkey to elevate the flavor of burgers and meatloaf
  • as a fabulous dip for warm, crusty bread

Find CGD Seasoned Olive Oil in the Grocery Department of your nearest Kowalski's location. Selection and availability may vary by market.

CGD (Crazy Good Dressing) CGD (Crazy Good Dressing)