Olive Sliders

Olive Sliders
Serves 4
1 lb. Kowalski's All Natural Akaushi Ground Chuck
1 cup chopped olive tapenade (from the Olive Bar), divided
½ cup Kowalski's Double Olive Spread (or more to taste)
12 slider buns, split horizontally
- Kowalski's Unsalted Butter, at room temperature, as needed for the buns
- Bibb lettuce leaves
- sliced Roma tomatoes

In a large mixing bowl, using clean hands, combine beef and ¾ cup olive tapenade; shape beef into 12 patties, each about 2 ½" in diameter. Grill burgers, covered, directly over a grill preheated to high until done (about 4 min. per side for medium doneness), turning once. Remove from heat; top evenly with Double Olive Spread. Cover loosely with foil and let stand for 3-5 min. While burgers rest, heat a stovetop griddle to medium-high; spread cut sides of buns with butter and toast until golden-brown (about 2 min.). If desired, spread Double Olive Spread on cut sides of buns. Top buns with burgers, lettuce, tomatoes and olive tapenade.