Apple Tarragon Fizz

½ oz. (a generous handful) fresh tarragon, plus a few sprigs for garnish
16 oz. (2 cups) Minnesota Grown apple cider
8 oz. bourbon, gin or Cognac
- ice
8 oz. sparkling wine or tonic water, cold
- fresh apple slices, for garnish
  1. Place tarragon in a 2 qt. glass pitcher; use a wooden spoon to bruise the leaves and release essential oils.
  2. Add cider and bourbon to the pitcher; stir until well combined.
  3. Refrigerate mixture for 2-3 hrs.
  4. Strain cocktail mixture; discard tarragon pieces.
  5. Fill 4 highball glasses with ice; pour cocktail mixture evenly into ice-filled glasses.
  6. Top each glass evenly with wine or tonic; stir gently.
  7. Garnish each glass with a tarragon sprig and apple slices.


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  • Find Minnesota Grown apple cider seasonally in the Produce Department.