Bake at Home Products

Bake at Home Products

With Kowalski's new Bake at Home products, you can turn your home kitchen into your favorite bakery! These delicious frozen products are designed with flexibility and convenience in mind. Most are done in minutes with the baking instructions printed on the package.

Find Kowalski's frozen bakery treats in the Bake at Home Case.


Bake these flaky, buttery delights at home any time! They make the perfect roll for a breakfast sandwich, but we especially love them sliced in half and spread with Nutella.

Cinnamon Rolls

Our scratch-made cinnamon roll dough is made in-store using a special pastry dough sprinkled with brown sugar and cinnamon – just like Grandma used to make! They come with a simple vanilla bean icing made with real vanilla.


These triangular-shaped treats are an elegant option for breakfast or brunch. Our scone dough is made from scratch and studded with a variety of sweet mix-ins. They are perfect served with a cup of tea.

Betty & Earl's Biscuits

Jason Matheson's grandparents' recipe has been passed down from generation to generation. Find four delicious biscuit varieties in Kowalski's Bake at Home collection: Buttermilk, Cheddar Bacon, Cinnamon and Blueberry Lemon.


Nothing beats the aroma (and taste!) of a freshly baked pie. Our pies are made with a tender, flaky crust and packed with fresh fruit that has been selected for peak flavor and freshness. Find AppleCherry and Blueberry pies in the Bake at Home Case.


Our frozen muffin pucks are as delicious as they are versatile. Bake them in a jumbo muffin pan for giant muffins, cut them in half for regular-size muffins, or cut them in quarters for mini muffins. Our Bake at Home Jumbo Cornbread Muffins also make the best cornbread! Just add four pucks to a loaf pan, thaw and bake as directed.


Flaky, rich and surprisingly light in texture, our turnovers are an easy choice for dessert, breakfast, teatime, snack time or anytime. We fill ours with a variety of sweet fillings. Pick your favorite and pop it in the oven!


Now you can enjoy our Family Favorite Cookies warm, gooey and straight from the oven – or try baking them in your air fryer for a quick treat! Bake these cookie pucks whole for full-sized cookies or cut them into quarters for mini cookies.

Bread & Rolls

Our Hand-Rolled Artisan French Loaf Dough is crafted in cooperation with one of our favorite local bakers, Kathie Armstrong. Mixed by hand in-store daily, this fresh dough bakes up crusty on the outside and pillowy-soft on the inside. It's also super versatile. Cut the dough ball in half to make two 9-10" pizza crusts. Cut into smaller pieces for dinner rolls. We also offer Bake at Home Dinner Roll Dough.

Selection and availability may vary by market.

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