Akaushi Hot Dogs

Akaushi Hot Dogs

An all-beef hot dog is great, but it's even better when that beef is Certified Akaushi!

Kowalski’s Certified Akaushi Beef comes from the largest purebred group of Akaushi cattle outside Japan and is regarded as the finest available breed of Kobe-style beef.  It's known for its rich, nutty flavor, intense marbling and exquisite tenderness. Like all of the beef options in our Meat Department, our Certified Akaushi is raised with no growth hormones or antibiotics – ever! 

The same Kobe-style Wagyu beef beloved in Kowalski's Certified Akaushi burgers and steaks is also used to make our Signature Gourmet Akaushi All-Beef Hot Dogs. These are without question the best hot dogs in town! When topped with ketchup and mustard, these skinless dogs are simple perfection, but their big, beefy taste also stands up to whatever flavors you want to throw at them: chili and cheese, kraut or slaw, onions and relish – you name it, they'll take it!

Find them in the the Meat Department at your nearest Kowalski's location. Selection and availability may vary by market.

Market Sausages Akaushi All-Beef Hot Dogs Market Sausages Akaushi All-Beef Hot Dogs