Apricot and Pistachio Bars

6 Kowalski's Organic Medjool Dates, pitted
1 cup shelled Kowalski's Roasted and Salted Pistachios, chopped
¾ cup (about 36) Kowalski’s Dried Apricots, chopped
1 tbsp. Kowalski's Pure Honey
¾ cup white sesame seeds
- freshly ground Kowalski's Sea Salt, to taste

Pulse dates in a food processor until finely minced and mixture just starts to cling together. Add pistachios, apricots and honey; pulse several times until nuts and fruit are finely chopped but small bits are still visible. Move mixture to a medium mixing bowl; add sesame seeds. Using clean hands, mix seeds into fruit mixture (as if you were mixing meatloaf). Press into a rough square between 2 sheets of waxed paper; use a rolling pin to roll mixture into a 7x7" square approx. ¼" thick. Remove the top sheet of waxed paper; use the dull side of a butter knife to form clean edges. Lightly sprinkle with sea salt. Cut into 1 ⅛" x 2 ¼" bars; wrap individual bars in waxed paper. Store at room temperature in a tightly covered container for up to 1 week.