Sweet Potato and Mushroom Quesadillas

1 tbsp. Kowalski's Extra Virgin Olive Oil
16 oz. diced sweet potato
1 cup sliced red onion
4 baby bella mushrooms, sliced
2 tbsp. minced fresh cilantro
¼ tsp. freshly ground Kowalski's Black Peppercorns
½ cup Kowalski's Shredded Mozzarella Cheese, divided
4 whole wheat tortillas
- Tex-Mex Cranberry Salsa, for serving

In a large skillet, heat olive oil over medium heat; sauté sweet potatoes, onions and mushrooms until soft (about 10 min.). Season sweet potato mixture with cilantro and pepper. Scoop ¾ cup sweet potato mixture and 2 tbsp. cheese on half of each tortilla. Fold tortillas in half; press gently. Heat a nonstick grill pan or griddle over medium heat; cook quesadillas until until tortillas turn golden and lightly crispy, turning once (about 4 min. total). Let rest for 1 min. before cutting into quarters.