Rosemary and Prosciutto Pizza

Rosemary and Prosciutto Pizza
Serves 8
3 ½ oz. soft goat cheese
1 Manoucher Fokachio Romana Rosemary & Onion Bread (from the Bakery Department)
½ cup (approx.) chopped or sliced dried fruit, such as figs, pitted Medjool dates or apricots
1 ½ oz. sliced prosciutto, roughly chopped
1 ½ tsp. finely minced fresh rosemary
2 ½ tsp. Kowalski's Pure Honey, gently warmed in the microwave

Smear chunks of cheese on bread, leaving chunks in a rustic fashion. Scatter dried fruit, prosciutto and rosemary over cheese; press dates into cheese to help them adhere. Bake pizza in a preheated 425° oven (preferably on a baking stone) until cheese is melted and bubbly (7-9 min.). Drizzle with warm honey; cut into wedges for serving.