Mussels and Clams

Mussels and Clams

Serves 4


½ lb. Kowalski's Applewood Smoked Bacon, diced
2 lbs. littleneck clams, scrubbed and rinsed
1 tbsp. finely chopped shallots
1 tbsp. finely chopped garlic
1 lb. mussels, cleaned, debearded and rinsed
16 oz. beer (your choice)
3 tbsp. Kowalski's Salted Butter
¼ cup roughly chopped parsley
- kosher salt and freshly ground Kowalski's Black Peppercorns, to taste
- Kowalski's Extra Virgin Olive Oil, to taste
- baguette loaf, toasted and sliced, for serving
- lemon wedges, for serving
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  1. In a large nonstick skillet, begin cooking bacon over medium heat until slightly crisp, flipping as needed.
  2. When bacon is halfway done, add clams, shallots and garlic; toast until clams begin to turn golden-brown on the outside (about 10 min.).
  3. When clams start to open, add mussels to the pan.
  4. Add beer to the pan; cover and steam until nearly all shells are open (2-3 min.).
  5. Add butter, parsley, salt and pepper; drizzle with olive oil.
  6. Serve with slices of toasted baguette and lemon wedges.


Tasty Tips:

  • Don't skip the toast! You'll need it for sopping up all the delicious broth.
  • To prepare clams and mussels for cooking, scrub them under running water with a stiff brush to remove any sand. Remove fibrous "beards," if any, from the mussels. Pinch or tap shells before cooking. If an open shellfish won’t snap shut, it should be discarded.
  • You can microwave any unopened mussels for 15-30 sec. until they open. Doing so will prevent overcooking the bulk of your shellfish.