Cheers to Cherries and Other Stone Fruits

Cheers to Cherries and Other Stone Fruits

From sweet, succulent peaches to perfectly plump cherries, stone fruits are a summertime favorite. With a single hard "stone," or pit, in the center rather than numerous seeds throughout, these fruits offer meaningful amounts of fiber and vitamins A and C. These nutrients help in the production of collagen, which benefits all parts of your body, including your skin, bones, muscles and joints.

Look for these juicy delights in the Produce Department this season:

Nectarines on white background Nectarines on white background

California Organic Peaches and Nectarines

Available now – August

Golden-hued peaches have a thin, fuzzy skin with red or pink blushing throughout. When ripe, they have an intoxicating aroma. Their sweetness and intense juiciness make them wonderful in pies and Peach Cobbler.

Nectarines (pictured) are often slightly smaller and firmer than peaches and enjoyed for their smooth skin. They have a tangy, sweet flavor, which is nice when grilled or tossed in a salad with salty prosciutto and goat cheese, as in our recipe for Peach and Prosciutto Salad (just swap in nectarines for the peaches!).

South Carolina Peach on white background South Carolina Peach on white background

South Carolina Peaches

Available now

Fans of Southern peaches may be surprised that South Carolina grows more fresh peaches than Georgia. In either case, hot Southern nights produce particularly sweet fruit. Try pairing these with creamy, slightly salty, tangy fresh ricotta and burrata cheeses.

Colorado Peach on white background Colorado Peach on white background

Colorado Peaches

Expected mid- to late August

The vast majority of our Colorados hail from the small town of Palisade in western Colorado, where the largest peaches in the state are grown. Palisade has very warm to hot, dry days, coupled with very cool nights, which generate the perfect climate for bringing out this fruit's sugary-sweet flavor. Compared to others, this area generally grows larger-sized fruit.

Rainier Cherries on white background Rainier Cherries on white background

Washington Rainier Cherries

Available now – mid-July

Sweeter than Bings, Rainiers are recognized by their vibrant yellow to blush-pink skin and yellow interior flesh. Their striking appearance and somewhat delicate skin make them well suited to fresh applications like snacks and salads.

Bing Cherries on a white background Bing Cherries on a white background

Washington Bing Cherries

Available now – mid-August

Heart-shaped Bing cherries are nicely firm, with deep maroon to black skin and dark red-purple flesh. They're very large, with a pleasant sweet-tart balance and an easy-to-remove pit, making them equally great fresh or cooked. Try them in our new recipe for Cocktail Cherries or in a cherry crisp.

Super Cherries on a white background Super Cherries on a white background

Washington Super Cherries

Available now – the end of July

Super Cherries are the biggest cherries on the tree! These Bing cherries are hand-harvested in the Pacific Northwest and picked with care at the optimal time. They are a sweet, juicy option and especially impressive as a fresh snack.

Apricots on white background Apricots on white background

California and Washington Apricots

Available now – August

Enjoyed for their bright tartness, apricots have a fuzzy skin that's not as pronounced as that on a peach. They're smaller than peaches and nectarines, with a bright orange flesh. Apricots make a nice complement to pork and partner well with soft, fresh cheese. They also make great jam.

Plums on white background Plums on white background

California Plums

Available now – September

Plums generally have tart skins contrasted by sweet flesh. Their exterior and interior colors range widely by variety, from dark red-black to peachy yellow. Most have clingstone pits. Plums are especially nice in tarts and jellies.

Pluots on white background Pluots on white background

California Pluots

Available July – September

This cross between a plum and an apricot is bred to be particularly sweet and juicy. They're smooth and similar in size to plums but typically have a more speckled skin. Try pluots fresh, poached or baked in a plum cake.

Selection and availability of products and ingredients vary by market.