Dr. Lisa Amundson and Laurie Ambrose of kidsWATER

Dr. Lisa Amundson battles the damaging effects of sugary food and beverages every day in her Cottage Grove dental practice. When she asks parents why they choose these options, the answer is always "because it's so easy." When Lisa's own children entered school, she realized the conundrum; the lunchbox aisle had very few products she felt good about buying for her own children. Her sister, Laurie, shared her frustration and agreed that someone needed to develop healthier convenient options for kids. The two sisters founded Make It Simple on the idea that healthy shouldn't be hard, and they knew exactly what their first product would be. Fueled by Lisa's experience as a dentist, the sisters created kidsWATER as a healthy replacement for juice boxes. They debuted their introductory product on the shelves of Kowalski's Market in 2017.

kidsWATER is an all natural, unsweetened flavored water free of sugars, preservatives and dyes. Packaged in a familiar drink box with fun fruit characters and bright colors, kidsWATER gives kids the "feel" of a juice box without the side-effects of sugary drinks!

These two sisters are passionate about positively impacting the health of kids, and have big plans to continue to bridge the gap between healthy and convenient options for busy parents everywhere!

Find kidsWATER in the Grocery Aisle of your nearest Kowalski's location.